NI Protocol: Foreign Secretary Liz Truss meets with RHA and McCulla Ireland to discuss critical issue

The RHA has met with Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to discuss a solution to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

26th May 2022 1:41 PM

During a visit to RHA member McCulla Ireland Ltd, the Foreign Secretary indicated legislation will be tabled to Parliament within the next 3 weeks. She said close engagement with the RHA and other stakeholders would be necessary to ensure it was fit for purpose.

Red and Green Lanes

The proposals include green and red lane solutions at ports in Northern Ireland. The green lanes will be for goods remaining in the UK with the claim it will be similar to moving goods between England and Scotland. The red lane will be those going to the EU and subject to full customs and SPS requirements. Additionally, the current TraderSupport Service scheme could continue under the red lane proposal.

Where the final destination is unknown, the green lane can be used, or alternatively the trader/haulier can use the red lane and declare the goods through the full customs and SPS requirements. If goods are subsequently moved going to the EU single market, itthey can be declared at that stage. Additionally raw materials and parts can be sourced to either EU or UK standards, subject to the products’ final market.

An approved universal trusted trader scheme will be required for those businesses moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland only and anyone found to be operating illegally will be subject to investigations and potential removal from the scheme.

Seeking views

The Foreign Secretary also indicated the government wanted a negotiated settlement and needed a biosecurity agreement to underpin it.

She sought views from attendees on the new framework and whether it would address their concerns. The proposals are framed around the UK Command paper published last summer and if agreed, will largely address most of the concerns hauliers have in regard to the additional requirements.

The RHA has been consistent in its lobbying since the Protocol was introduced in January 2021 and its good to see everyone now appears to agree with our initial stance.

The Foreign Secretary’s team will now forward further information to the RHA and other stakeholders for a view on the new scheme. We additionally requested clarity on the positioning of SPS controls for entry into the UK through Ireland in the event of a contamination or disease issue within the EU.