Clean Air Zones: Updates on Manchester and Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Our Policy Lead for the Environment, Chris Ashley, provides an update on the situation with Manchester and Newcastle Clean Air Zones.

13th May 2022 3:55 PM

RHA members should be aware of two separate developments regarding Clean Air Zones in Manchester and Newcastle-upon-Tyne this week.

Transport chiefs in Tyneside have announced that their planned CAZ will not proceed in July 2022, and instead they have initiated discussions with the Government to agree a “revised timeline” for the Tyneside CAZ.

Meanwhile, Manchester Mayor Andy Burham today stated that he will “not accept a charging Clean Air Zone for Greater Manchester”.

Instead, the RHA understands he has put forward proposals to the Government for a “non-charging CAZ B”. We are seeking urgent clarity on what this means for our members.

Our position on Clean Air Zones remains unchanged.

We support the need to improve air quality but have expressed long-standing concerns to the Government and CAZ authorities that the rules governing how transport-generated pollution is reduced, whilst well-intended, need changing. This is because the current rules do not target pollution sources effectively, nor do they now account for the lack of supply of the required Euro VI vehicles – a problem that has been exacerbated by the pandemic and the Ukrainian conflict.

We continue to put forward proposals and options for consideration by Government and the CAZ authorities to achieve the clean air we all want.

We will keep members updated.

Chris Ashley
Policy lead – Environment, RHA