Facilities: £120k lorry theft highlights importance of safe parking

The theft of £125,000-worth of chewing gum from an HGV has highlighted the importance of safe facilities for drivers.

9th May 2022 10:32 AM

Gloucestershire Police were called to an incident at Gloucester services on the M5 at 3am on 4 May where there were reports of man removing items from a lorry, which was then stolen.

The lorry began heading north on the M5 before officers tried to flag it down, after it went the wrong way around a roundabout and road, specialist officers managed to help stop the vehicle before two men were arrested after being pursued on foot.

Two men have been charged with the alleged theft and the goods were recovered.

Spike in thefts

The news follows a spike in reported thefts from lorries across the UK, either for goods or for fuel.

It comes as the RHA has called for safer facilities as part of our campaign on the issue and the 11,000 shortage of spaces for drivers meaning they have to rely on resting at un-lit, un-safe lay-bys and industrial estates across the country.