Tachograph: RHA calls for awareness on records to avoid £300 fines

The RHA is calling on hauliers to be aware of the need for every driver to have 28 days of comprehensive records to avoid £300 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN).

1st April 2022 4:15 PM

New regulation came into force in August 2020 – but there hasn’t been guidance issued yet by the DVSA on the issue.

The rules, which include the recording of sickness, leave and other work must now be recorded for the previous 28 days for each and every driver on one of the three recognised recording measures.

What should you do?

Recording can only be recorded on a digital tachograph and analogue tachograph or a print out from the tachograph with the drivers details printed on the front. There should be no breaks in the tachograph activity print outs.

The RHA is calling for drivers to be trained, educated and instructed on these new regulations. Staff using the analysis systems need to be refreshed in how to use it and enhance their software knowledge.

The analysis team will need to look for any errors in the breach of input and annual leave and sickness will need to be converted into hours. New drivers will need to do a manual entry when starting his first day driving.

It should be noted that drivers cannot record working time on time sheets, weekly logs, mobile devices and wage records or spare tachograph rolls. If recording on analogue charts for sick leave or annual leave, you will need one chart for each day.


Fines include £300 for tachograph infringements and falsifying drivers records with drivers stopped at the roadside fined for up to 5 offences at any one time – resulting in a £1500 fine overall.

Multiple offences could lead to a prison sentence.

For more detailed information, contact the RHA Helpdesk or your local Area Manager.