RHA responds to Transport Scotland on LEZs

The RHA is calling for a phased approach to LEZs in Scotland to avoid massive disruption to businesses.

This call comes as the RHA issued a response to Transport Scotland on their Low Emission Zones (LEZs) Consultation on Regulations and Guidance.

As an association we support the drive toward improved local air quality across the United Kingdom, but it is vital that policy frameworks are designed that work for all.

The RHA’s consultation response made it clear that charges related to LEZs must be phased in.
Without this phasing, nearly half the UK fleet of HGVs would not be compliant, with haulage firms and other businesses affected by these charging areas at serious risk of going out of business.

When hauliers typically operate between a 1 – 2 percent annual margin, charges of £500 for entering an LEZ with a non-compliant vehicle would be enough to threaten the future of many businesses.

The RHA highlighted the need for air quality policies to work with vehicle replacement cycles (typically 12 years in the haulage sector) to avoid major harm to firms.

Failure to do this would result in an excessive and unnecessary cost to businesses and consumers.

Martin Reid, the RHA’s Director for Scotland and Northern Ireland, said: “The RHA recognises that poor air quality is a serious environmental risk to public health, and our membership is committed to investing in the technology needed to achieve improved air quality.

“However, the regulatory framework underpinning clean air must work for everyone involved.

“We welcome the constructive engagement the RHA has had with the Scottish authorities on LEZ to date.”

You can read the full response here.