Parliamentarians want your views on clean air zones

A cross-party group of parliamentarians want to know how clean air zones (CAZ) are affecting your business.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Road Freight and Logistics (APPG) – which represents our sector’s interests at Westminster – is investigating the impact of clean air zones on our industry.

They’ve launched an inquiry to find out what problems you’re facing with CAZ and what you want the Government to do to support your business.

Tell our APPG how clean air zones are affecting you

Please answer these six questions to help the parliamentary group understand how clean air zones are affecting you:

1) How will the introduction of clean air zones affect your business?
2) Do you feel that plans for clean air zones have been communicated effectively by local authorities and central government? If not, what would you like to have seen?
3) What support do you believe the Government can provide to minimise disruption from planned clean air zones?
4) Do you believe that the planned clean air zones will change behaviour?
5) Are you likely to upgrade your fleet as a result of clean air zones? If not, what are the impediments to upgrading?
6) What do you believe the Government should be doing differently?

Please include your name, contact details, role, and a brief description of your organisation. Don’t feel you have to answer every question but please include anything else you think relevant.

Please email your response to the APPG by 5pm on Wednesday 11 March.

More information

The APPG is chaired by former transport minister, Sir Mike Penning MP.

Email –
Twitter – Follow the APPG for Road Freight and Logistics
Video – RHA interview with Sir Mike