RHA hits out at £50 Bradford clean air charge plans

The RHA has criticised a local authority’s plans to charge trucks to enter a clean air zone.

Operators of pre-Euro VI lorries trucks could face £50 charges from October 2021 in plans drawn up by Bradford Council in a bid to improve air quality. Buses, coaches and taxis will also face charges but private cars will be exempt.

The move comes after the government instructed council officials to bring emissions down to within legal levels in the shortest time possible.

Chris Ashley, the RHA’s head of policy for environment and regulation slammed the plans saying that they disproportionately target trucks despite the sector slashing its nitrogen oxide emissions by 60 percent since 2013.

He told the Yorkshire Post that the government and councils need to do more to improve air quality but charging zones is not the right approach.

“We have an issue with the design of clean air zones nationally. We think it’s inflexible and unfair.”

Flawed CAZ policies must be reviewed
Chris has called on government officials to review the clean air policies in England and recommends a fairer approach which targets older, more polluting vehicles across all types.

He’s also urged the Welsh Government to adopt non-charging options as it draws up plans to reduce emissions in the principality.

Bradford officials will consult on their plans between 18 February and 26 March.

The RHA will respond in due course.