Bath’s CAZ could arrive November 2020

If approved, Bath’s proposed Clean Air Zone (CAZ) could come into effect from 4th November 2020.

This is subject to the final business case for the plan being approved by Bath & North East Somerset Council.

Previous reports had suggested that the CAZ could be implemented in 2021, but could come into force this year, if it passes final approval on 16th January.

The RHA opposes Bath’s plans for a charging CAZ. Environment and regulation spokesman, Chris Ashley, said “It is very disappointing that Bath has not followed the lead shown by Southampton City Council. Instead of implementing non-charging measures to bring NOx emissions down, Bath has expanded its clean air zone boundary.

Performing a u-turn on charging cars will add to the sense of grievance that lorry and van operators are being unfairly targeted. This measure will hit hard-working hauliers and tradespeople hard, and we urge Bath to reconsider.”

The RHA supports measures for cleaning up the nation’s air, but not at the cost of businesses closing, jobs being lost and the price of goods rising as haulage firms are priced out of delivering into the various Clean Air Zones proposed in cities across the country.

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