RHA General Election Manifesto: Road haulage – lifeblood of the economy

The RHA represents 7,500 businesses including owner operators, SME’s and through to and including the largest companies in the sector.

Even though we all depend on the effective movement of goods, the need to move freight (across all modes) is often marginalised and treated as an afterthought or as a “problem” by policy makers.

Moving goods has been, and will remain, essential for the people and businesses of the UK.


The RHA presents this manifesto to highlight the most pressing and prominent issues. We outline what we would like to see from the next Government and suggest solutions to the challenges we face.

Road haulage – lifeblood of the economy
• The road haulage sector is for moving almost all goods used by the people and businesses of the UK.

• A properly functioning and efficient road haulage sector is essential for the competitiveness and productivity of the whole UK economy.

• In its own right, the UK transport and logistics sector employs more than 2.5 million people and contributes an estimated £124 billion GVA to the economy. It is the 5th largest sector in the UK.

We call on the new Government to put the need to move goods at the heart of its transport policy making.

You can read the RHA’s full General Election Manifesto here.