Countering vehicles as weapons

Yesterday (6 August 2019) the Department for Transport published guidance on reducing the risk of vehicles being used as weapons.

The advice sets out straight forward steps to help combat the threat of goods vehicles being used as weapons.

The DfT said the advice will not only help keep the public safe but will protect organisations' reputations and improve security culture within businesses.

The guidance covers:

• Security culture - including pre-employment checks for drivers and staff

• Site security - such as vehicle access and operating centres

• Vehicle security - including checking vehicles and what to do if a vehicle is taken.

The guidance also covers security tips for drivers, including:

• Avoiding disclosure of routes

• Walk around checks

• Reporting suspicious behaviour.

In his foreword endorsing the DfT's guidance, Senior Traffic Commissioner Richard Turfitt outlined the vital nature of a responsible approach to security within the transport industry. He said, "our key message is for you and your employees to take security as seriously as you take safety."

The full guidance document can be found on the website.