Lorries through the lens

Reporter Tom Geggus takes you behind the scenes at the RHA’s latest video shoot

As nine trucks took up formation on the M96 motorway training ground, it was lights, camera, action. Shooting a video to celebrate the RHA’s 75thanniversary was never going to be a simple task.

Kela Kay, RHA Videographer said, “I love a good challenge, and organising this shoot definitely fell into that category. Originally, I hoped for an airfield – as you can imagine, it’s a little tricky to convince an airfield to let you take over with a dozen trucks and a drone – and so It wasn’t looking hopeful.”

“It was a chance meeting with David Lakin from Highways England that presented an opportunity with the M96. I seized the chance. Nine hauliers were kind enough to lend me a truck and driver for half a day, and the weather smiled on us. It wasn’t easy, but definitely worth it!”

David Lakin, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Highways England said, “safety is in everything we do at Highways England and we know it isn’t easy finding a location big and safe enough for activities like this.”

“By collaborating with our colleagues at the Fire Service College we were able to allocate the RHA time on the M96 motorway training ground.  It was a pleasure to support our partners in the freight industry in this way.”

Helping run the shoot, Simon Priest, RHA Area Manager said “It was great to meet everyone from Highways England and for their support in making this video. Having the opportunity to work with the RHA Media team was a great insight into how the department works and highlights how professional they are.”

“Most of all it was a pleasure to deal with a great set of drivers who are a credit to themselves, the companies they work for, but most of all our Industry. We are indebted to the operators for the use of their vehicles, a huge thank you to everyone for making this happen.”

And it really is all worth it. Kate Gibbs, RHA Head of Media and Comms said, “Now that we have our own video producer and photographer, Kela Kay and Tom Geggus, the RHA’s profile is soaring. We now have the ability to produce top class videos and images highlighting the vital role played by our members.”

“The filming at the ‘M96’ clearly shows the great work that the industry’s unsung heroes, the drivers, do every day. They did themselves and their RHA member companies proud. If the day had to be summed up in one word, it would be ‘teamwork’.”

A big thank you to all the hauliers and drivers who took part: Malcolm Logistics, Andyfreight, Moreton C Cullimore & Sons, David Bratt & Sons, Little Pot Transport, McCulla Transport, Evans Transport, Fenwick Haulage, Transervice Express Transport.

Watch the full video below in all its glory.

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All pictures by Tom Geggus.