France – General strike action update

The RHA has received information from AFTRI, the French association via the IRU:

French custom official collective action - Traffic management measures
United Kingdom - France (March 19, 2019)
The traffic measures put in place following the French custom officials’ collective action to manage heavy goods vehicle traffic bound for the UK have been extended until 10 p.m. on Wednesday 20 March.

These measures come following the decision by transporters to take action on the A16 motorway at the Ghyvelde interchange in the Belgium-France direction on the evening of Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 March.

These measures may vary according to the evolution of the situation.
Holding areas to be used in case of need:

In the Nord department: 
- On the RN225 between Bergues and Cappelle-la-Grande (direction Lille > Dunkirk)
- On the A16 motorway, at Ghyvelde (direction Belgium > Calais)

In the Pas-de-Calais department:
- On the A16 motorway, direction of Paris > Belgium between Marquise and Bonningues-les-Calais,
- On the A26 motorway, at Setques (direction Reims > Calais),
- On the RN42 between Setques and Seninghem (direction Saint-Omer > Boulogne-sur-Mer).

Mandatory diversion of traffic for heavy goods vehicles weighing over 7.5 tonnes from Belgium heading to interchange 57 of the A16 motorway towards the RN225/A25 motorway in case of need:

In the event of a diversion, heavy goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes will be redirected as follows:
 From Belgium bound for Calais via the A16 motorway, redirected onto the RN225 and the A25 motorway to reach Calais via the RD948 or RD642 towards the A16 motorway or the RN42;
at interchange 57 of the A16 motorway, redirected towards the RN225/A25 motorway;
 From Lille bound for Calais via the A25 motorway and the RN225, redirected to Belgium via the A16 motorway.

The Flemish authorities have agreed to a deviation of heavy goods vehicles at the Adinkerke junction of the A16 motorway to avoid congestion on that stretch of the A16.

All road users are requested to exercise care when driving.